This morning I walked to the wharf to see how the new fuel dock was coming along and by golly they have it in place. Just a few things to finish up and it will be open for business again.

Just in case you forgot from a previous blog, here is the old ramp and dock.


This is the old ramp on the way out.


And here is the wonderful new fuel dock and ramp.


What a wonderful improvement!

As you can see in the background it was another sparkler of a morning. It was a chilly 40 degrees F and the wind was blowing but that didn’t stop me from capturing a few more photos before returning home to warm up.

This is a panorama of Mt. Baker looking across Penn Cove.


If you click on the picture it will open up to full size.

The cliffs to the north of Coupeville, across Penn Cove, were beautifully lit by the rising sun.


That should hold you until the next time we walk. Thanks for joining me and see you again soon.