I’m sorry to have been MIA the last few days but events and weather got in the way. But this morning I managed to get in a nice three and a half mile walk and you got to go with me!

First up, two photos of the Olympic Mountains with fresh snow on them. Mr friend “Al Thewalker” told me that there was no snow on them Wednesday when he walked around Ebey Prairie. I suppose it’s a sign of things to come.



I thought I had found all the “scarecrows” around Coupeville but discovered one more. This 3D painting was in front of the Pacific Northwest Art School. It’s the “Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.


I discovered another juxtaposition with what appears to be a rose growing on a holly bush, hum?


I’m not into “still life” photography but this setting by the Windjammer Gallery and Custom Framing really caught my attention. I’m really pleased with how it came out and hope you enjoy it as well.


With that I’ll wrap up this week and move on to the weekend. I hope you have a great weekend as well and will come walk again with me next week.


Once again I didn’t get out for a walk but I did want to share some more photos from our outing around Central Whidbey yesterday. This time I’m focusing on my new camera and seeing what it will do. Some of these have been “enhanced” with Photoshop but nothing too radical.

For some reason I focused on benches and flowers. I hope you enjoy them.

We stopped at the Hummingbird Farm to checked out their gift shop and gardens. While there aren’t any hummingbirds this time of year I did like this blue bench and pink roses.



I found this beautiful pink rose in their gardens as well.


At the Spinnaker B&B this white bench and red rose caught my eye.


Lavender Wind Farm had a nice bench hidden in the trees as well. I really had to look for it but I think the photo made it worth the hunt.


And finally, I’m not sure where I took this flower but I just really like the way the photo turned out.


I think I’m really going to like my new camera, once I get to know it better. I hope you enjoyed my photos and will come back for more!


This morning I had high clouds but not much fog for a change. It made for a nice six mile walk.

I crossed paths with Deborah, a fellow walker who walks around Coupeville a lot. She told me about “The Last Rose” beside the Seaside Spa and Salon. I searched it out and she was spot on, it is a beautiful rose and the last one. I think you’ll agree.


Out on the Ebey Prairie Reserve I spotted this large group of geese flying high overhead which is a good thing since there is hunting near where I took this photograph.


I love this house and for some reason it reminds me of homes in Nebraska where I grew up. We always had a beautiful fall and this photo seems to bring it all together.


There are more and more people getting into the spirit of Halloween by decorating their homes. This first one is one of my favorite heritage homes. It was built by Dr. W. L. White in 1894. I like the cemetery in the front yard.


And finally this house just up the street from where I live. I do believe they have gone overboard, it’s hard to take it all in.


Have a great weekend. We’re going to go watch the grandkids play soccer.