I usually don’t post a blog on Saturday’s but I’m making an exception today. I though you might enjoy walking around the Coupeville Saturday Market with me. It runs every Saturday during mid spring to mid fall from 10:00 to 2:00. If you are ever in town on a Saturday and want something fun to do come to the “Market”.

Here’s an overview of the field.


There are all sorts of things to look at and buy along with some entertainment. These guys were singing Sea Shanties for everyone to enjoy.


On any given Saturday you’ll find vegetables, fruit, soap, woodworking, crafts, flowers and plants, purses, food and much more. I’ve downsized the following photos to save some band width but if you click on them they’ll open up to full size.

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I like this young woman who pulls this large trailer full of salmon and other fish products behind her bike. It takes her about two hours just to get to the market.


Willowood Farm pulls this trailer full of wonderful vegetables with this really old Ford tractor.


Just to tide you over it’s always fun to get a bag of freshly popped Kettlecorn with some caramel mixed in, yum!


I hope you enjoyed walking around our little market with me. Come out sometime and lets do it for real 🙂


I know it’s Sunday but we went to Saturday Market yesterday and thought I’d share the experience. Every Saturday, during the summer, Coupeville has a wonderful Saturday Market that runs from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. With the Ebey Prairie just a half mile away we get to choose veggies and fruit from the best of the best. There are also many local artisans who bring their creations to sell. It’s always a fun time with fun stuff to see.

So here’s an overview of the market.


You may have noticed all the Model A Ford’s in the background. The local Model A Club comes out most Saturdays to show off their cars and there are some really nice ones on display.


It seems that there are usually a couple of wood turners with their creations and this day there were two. Both of them make really pretty bowls.

30-bowl1 30-bowl2

The “Knotguy” AKA Force Five Knots, was there and always has interesting nautical knot stuff for sales and is always interesting to talk to.


There were a couple of ladies who played guitar and sang and I caught them entertaining this little girl with their lamb puppet. It was very cute 🙂


One young woman that always shows up rides a bicycle pulling a big trailer loaded with frozen salmon and other seafood’s. She says it isn’t too bad but it looks like a lot of work to me.


And what would a Saturday Market be without at least one Chainsaw Artist?


One of our favorite local watercolor artists is Paul Woodfin, we have severalof his works.


They have a number of food vendors and I always find this wood-fired pizza oven interesting. Can you imagine what it takes to haul it down the road? I did notice that the oven is centered over the axels.


And finally the “fruits of our labor”, so to speak, although there wasn’t much labor involved.


Yum! We got a lot more than just the strawberries but don’t they look good?

We hope you enjoyed our little market and can come see it in person some day.