SCARECROW CORRIDOR – October 13, 2015

This morning’s walk took me around Coupeville to check out the The Haunting of Coupeville. Every year their is a contest to see which business put up the best scarecrow. This years theme is “Rock n Roll” and here are this years crop! (If you want a closer look at any of these you should be able to click on the image and a large picture should pop up)

10-13-15-Scarecrow-Corridor  10-13-15-Lions

10-13-15-Whidbey-Bank      10-13-15-WSU-110-13-15-WSU-2


10-13-15-Greatful-Dead  10-13-15-Kapaws  10-13-14-Penn-Cove-Gallery


  10-13-15-Christophers  10-13-15-Seaside-Spa



And here’s my photo interpretation of “The Byrds”!


I hope you enjoyed this years scarecrows, I sure did.


REFLECTION – April 9, 2015

I hope I didn’t wear you out today as we walked 6.87 miles, whew!

I went on a big loop around Ebey Prairie over to Ebey Landing. Out on the prairie I spotted these barns reflecting in a small pond of rain water.


A little further out I spotted this scarecrow family apparently guarding the chickens and turkeys.


Here’s a nice long shot of Ebey Landing and Admiralty Inlet. This is where people came to Whidbey Island in the late 1800’s arriving from the Olympic Peninsula and on south to Seattle. They would take a horse and buggy or stagecoach from the landing to Coupeville.


 Just as I was nearing the landing I spotted these two eagles way up in the top of this big tree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two eagles sitting in a tree that close to each other.


So I’m pooped and ready to get on with the day. I hope you make a great day as well.


It seems to be darker and cloudier every day this week. The good news is that it adds a certain effect to the scarecrows that are still popping up around town. They’re all part of The Haunting of Coupeville.

But before we get to the scarecrows I wanted to show you this Western Flicker (Red-Shafted Flicker) making a heck of a noise tapping on the steeple of Saint Mary’s Catholic Church of Coupeville. It was as if it were “Knockin’ on Heavens Door”.


From there we turn to the newest scarecrows.

The New Beginnings Thriftique was exhibiting this really cool two headed wolf that apparently has eaten the wicked witch. It must be a good wolf!


Whidbey Island Bank displayed “Gilda the Good Witch” reminding everyone to follow the Yellow Brick Road.


Island Life Clothing found this “Sharknado” wandering around this old house.


Coupeville Coffee and Bistro has a great display of what appears to be the Grim Reaper sneaking up on Sleeping Beauty.


Ok, consider yourself “scared”, at least I think that’s what scarecrows are supposed to do.

While the weather prognosticator’s are not talking favorably about the weather for the rest of the week, with any luck we’ll get in another nice walk tomorrow. I look forward to you joining me.


It was kind of threatening morning, weather wise, but the rain held off and I had a nice little walk. On my way to the Coupeville Wharf I spotted these white berries on a red bush and I really liked the contrast.


Out on the wharf my friend Frank, the heron, was posing on his favorite post. It’s really fun to see him most mornings. It’s kind of like he’s waiting for me to take his picture. That’s Mt. Baker in the background.


Also this morning the seagulls were covering the wharf roof. Someday’s they are all over the place, like this morning, and other days they are just on the roof line, I don’t know why.


The Haunting of Coupeville continues with two more scarecrows I spotted. This first one is in front of Christopher’s Restaurant and really creepy! Rather than a real scarecrow it’s like a campsite for a serial killer with the “Missing Person’s” poster in the background. There’s even a video camera with the red light going on and off, strange.


The other one I spotted was on the porch of Lavender Wind. It has a really nice looking witch but not too scary.


That starts off the week ahead. Thanks for walking with me and I hope you make it a good week!


As often happens, I walked out the door and said, “It’s too dark and foggy to get any good photos today.” Well perhaps I was wrong. If not “great” photos you may find them interesting or you may even like them. So lets go for a walk.

First stop, this fall colored vine growing over this arched gate. I really like the colors in this one.


Just to prove it was a flat light, foggy morning, I submit the following. This sailboat almost looked lonely with only it’s reflection to keep it company.


The Coupeville Wharf with seagulls


Front Street, downtown Coupeville


Out on the wharf I spotted my walking buddy, “Al Thewalker”. We don’t walk together but we cross paths and share stories or lies as the case my be. The foggy backside of Front Street is in the background.


The “Haunting of Coupeville” continues. This cemetery has some wonderful headstones. It’s located just behind the rec hall.


There were more scarecrows that popped up this morning. Here are the latest ones.

Kapaw’s Iskreme and Far From Normal.

10-08-14-kapaws  10-08-14-far-from-normal

The Basset Hound Club of Whidbey Island


Thanks for walking with me and have a great Hump Day 🙂


I’m posting a little late today because I’ve been spending time with my sister Diane who’s visiting from Spokane. She went on my walk this morning and we had a nice time. Here are some of the things we saw but of course there was much more that I’ll share at a later date.

This is Diane.


While here she’s staying at Cottage on the Cove. It’s a wonderful historic building right on Front Street and sits out over the water. The views are spectacular and here’s what Diane got to wake up to this morning.


We stopped by last evening for a visit before dinner at Toby’s Tavern. Looking east from the cottage’s deck I spotted this nice photo of what we call the “Popeye House” with a sailboat and kayak’s in the foreground.


Needless to say you need reservations to say at the cottage so book early.

Over the next few weeks you’ll be seeing a lot of The Haunting of Coupeville. As I mentioned last week the scarecrows are coming to town and we spotted quite a number of new ones this morning, here they are.

Central Whidbey Cooperative Preschool, The Coupeville Garden Club and Whidbey Isle Yarn.

10-06-14-cent-whid-coop-pre  10-06-14-garden-club  10-06-14-whidbey-isle-yarns

Front Street Grill, Coupeville Jr. Cheer (left) with Troop 44217 (right), and Cub Scout Troop 4058.

10-06-14-front-street-grill  10-06-14-elementary  10-06-14-cub-pack-4058

That should keep you busy for a while. Thanks for walking with me and sharing it with my sister. Have a great week ahead!


The Coupeville scarecrow contest continues. Once again I got rained on which shortened my walk a little but I did find some more scarecrows and other things of interest.

This scarecrow was spotted on the library porch, it’s “Fancy Nancy”.


On Front Street I saw “The Little Prince” at the Penn Cove Gallery.


I really like the idea of this next one. It’s “Christopher Robin” and it’s in front of “Christopher’s” restaurant.


These scarecrows are not in the contest but are real “live” scarecrows, can you say that about scarecrows? They are guarding this garden by the Four Square Church.


The roadwork around town continues. They were putting a new surface on Coveland Street this morning.



And I finally got a pretty nice photo of our Harbor Seal, it posed very nicely and didn’t swim away as soon as I pointed my camera.


I hope you enjoy my daily efforts to bring you a taste of my wee town of Coupeville.


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Coupeville has a scarecrow contest every fall for businesses and I had a picture of our offering, the scarecrow in a wheelbarrow. This past weekend a number of scarecrows started showing up. While I haven’t heard what the theme is this year I believe it has to do with fairy tales.

I only walked two miles this morning before the rain chased me home but I did manage to capture a number of scarecrows.

The following three were in front of the elementary school. I think the first two were by the youngest kids and the third one was by Mrs. Helm’s 2nd grade class.




This is the Lions Club offering as you come into Coupeville.


This was in front of the Whidbey Island Bank.


This was at the Methodist Church.


I’m not sure what business put this tall skinny guy up but I believe it was the Thrift Store.


And my favorite one so far was done by the Coupeville Bistro.