FOR THE BIRDS – September 18, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to another wonderful week in paradise!

This morning’s walk wasn’t all that long as we have threatening skies but I did spot a bunch of birds. First up, Frank, one of our great blue heron’s, flying low over Penn Cove.

Frank Flying Low Over Water

Down by the Coupeville Wharf there were hundreds of seagulls swimming around and standing on the beach. Here are just a few.

Seagulls On The Beach

I wondered what the attraction was and I think I found it. It would appear that the crabs are in and easy pray.

Seagulls with Crab

Our weather has really changed the last two days, almost as though a switch was thrown changing it from summer to winter. Here’s just one more indication. It looks like the Canada Geese are heading south!

Geese Flying South

Any my “beauty shot” for the day is some boats tied up to the dock basking in a beautiful Penn Cove sunrise.

Boats at Dock at Sunrise

There, that should start your week, it certainly did mine. Have a great week and, weather willing, we’ll do this again tomorrow. As always, thanks for walking with me!

FOG BANKS – February 16, 2016

After a whole bunch of rain I finally got out for a little walk this morning. My back is still hurting so I’m just taking it ease. I only walked down to the wharf and back.

It was a very cloudy morning so the lighting wasn’t great but I found the low hanging fog banks around Penn Cove rather interesting.

Here’s the Coupeville Wharf as I was heading that way. I like the low hanging clouds behind it.


From the wharf I looked west and noticed a big fog bank hanging over the muscle farm. You can see the muscle processor boat all lit up harvesting today’s catch, yum!


Looking east across Penn Cove you can see the clouds hugging the Cascade Mountain Range.


This photo has nothing to do with fog banks but I just like it. This juvenile seagull is almost done losing it’s gray baby feathers and becoming the beautiful white that the adults exhibit.


As always I hope you enjoyed our walk today. It wasn’t very far but as always there’s something interesting to see around my wee town.

NO POOP! RIGHT! – January 20, 1915

I’m sorry about missing our walk yesterday but just as I walked out the door it started raining. I don’t like walking in the rain because it’s not very good for photos or my camera. A half hour later the rain had stopped so I got suited up again and out the door. As I got to the end of our driveway here it came again. That did it, done for the day.

This morning though it was beautiful and clear as I left the house in the dark. I did see one interesting thing. The Whidbey Isle Yarn shop has a knitted bicycle out front. It was too far away from the store to get them both in so I used a flash on the bike and lightened the background in Photoshop. I put the two together and here’s what I got. That was fun.


When I got to Ebey Prairie the fog had rolled in and no photo-ops. But that all changed as I got to the Coupeville Wharf. The fog had rolled on shore and up the hill. I caught this sailboat with the fog rolling away and the morning sky coming to life.


I took that photo from the end of the dock and as I turned around I thought the wharf looked photo-worthy as well.


One of the problems with a seaside village is bird poop! We have many seagulls, crows, starlings and heron. You really have to look out for those heron, they can whiten a large area of a deck.

To prevent this from messing up the pier going to the wharf they string fishing line a few inches above the railings. This is supposed to make it difficult for the seagulls to land on the railing. I think it worked for a little while but our seagulls are pretty smart and have figured out that if they stand on the fishing line the can sit there and poop on the deck all they want 🙂


So with that happy thought, onward to your week. As always thanks for walking with me.


Hi all, it’s been a while since we last walked. Life and weather have interfered for the past couple of weeks but hopefully we’re back on track.

Before we get started I need to post a warning: “The last photo in this blog may be disturbing to some individuals. Viewer discretion advised!” More on that later but remember it’s only the “Last Photo”.

I left the house at 7:00 and it was still quite dark. By the time I got to Ebey Prairie there was a trace of pink on the horizon. I managed to get this interesting patch of pastel pink but that was about it for the sunrise.


Along the way I spotted this arbor that was really pretty. I think someone had a great time putting this together.


Close up.


With Christmas exactly one month away it still bothers me that there are people decorating ahead of Thanksgiving. I guess if you’re a business you need to get a jump on things.


Front Street Grill


And now the “Last Photo”!

This has a kind of interesting story. When I was walking out to the Coupeville Wharf I spotted something different on top of one of the pilings. Upon closer inspection I could see that it was a dead seagull. But what made it even more mysterious were the nails around the piling with what appeared to be string going up and over the bird.

My first thought was that it had gotten tangled in some line but why the nails? No other piling had nails and string.

I asked my friend William at “Local Grown” espresso and Whidbey Island foods store because he’s like a living newspaper regarding all things Coupeville. He told me that an eagle had killed the seagull and ate it on top of the piling. He left the carcass there and flew away.

The lady that runs the gift shop on the wharf has a real problem with the seagulls on the dock because they poop a lot. She is always shooing them away with a broom but they always come back. Her thought was that if the dead seagull was left on top of the piling it would send a message to the other that this is not a great place to hang out.

Turns out the other birds may have gotten the message as William said that there were fewer seagulls hanging around on that dock.

You have to love small towns on small islands for the interesting things their residence do.


I leave you with that image as you get on with your day. With a short work week ahead, for all the working people, you may just have an opportunity get out and walk on your own. In the meantime thanks for walking with me!


First I want to apologize for being absent most of the week but the weather has really been crappy and we had some appointments on the mainland that interfered with our walks. But this morning was a real sparkler with the full moon setting in the west.

First up, before we get to the moon, is this nice waterfront photo of Coupeville from the wharf with the sunrise starting to happen to the east.


Out on the wharf this seagull was just begging me to take his photo so I obliged.


This moon shot is through the old walnut tree that was planted by Capt. Thomas Coupe, Coupevilles namesake’s wife, back around 1860.


The moon was over the wharf and reflecting onto Penn Cove. I had hoped to get a photo with the moon closer to the horizon but the further down it went the fainter it became and was not to be.


But wait, what’s this?


OK, all together now, “Photoshop”! Yep I just couldn’t resist, I have the tools, I have the knowledge and I had the photos to work with. The only thing I didn’t do was put the reflection on the water. That process takes a lot of time and I’ve got better things to do.

Hopefully we’ll have a better week of walking next week and I hope you’ll all come along. In the meantime have a great weekend!!!


I had another nice walk this morning but before I get started I’d like to share a rainbow photo I took during yesterday’s storm. We had a real “gully washer” come through dumping half an inch of rain in just fifteen minutes, very unusual for our little island. We had what I call “Angry Skies”!

The rainbow never brightened up like I had hoped but what caught my eye was how “flat” it was. Most rainbows we see have a huge arch up in the sky, this one didn’t.


But this morning the storm was all gone and I had a wonderful walk on a stellar morning.

Being a small seaside village we attract many artists and there is art to be found everywhere. Of course what one person calls art may get an entirely different comment from someone else. This “Art” caught my eye as possibly falling into the “something different” category.


Walking out on the Coupeville Wharf the suns rays, peeking under the old “Livery” building, caught my eye. The Livery was erected in 1897 to capitalize on the Klondike gold rush. Charles Terry had a large orchard and hired local women to dry prunes for shipment to Alaskan miners. Potatoes and onions were also processed. In 1908, Carl and Laurin Gillespie, sons of the butcher next door, opened a livery stable, renting out horses and later cars. There’s  a second-floor opening to the hayloft. In the 1950’s it became Lindsay’s Marina. Today the Vail Wine Shop fills the front of the building selling fine island wines and offers wine tasting as well as a light lunch menu.

This historic information comes from the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve pamphlet “Self-Guided Walking Tour of Historic Coupeville”.


And now the “Land of Plenty”! Penn Cove is famous the world over for the finest mussels in the world. When the tide is out the mussel beds are exposed and the local birds just love them. Below are two photos, one of a Seagull and the other of a Starling munching down a wonderful breakfast of Penn Cove Mussels, yum!



If you are a working person, have a great “Hump Day”, if your’re retired like me, enjoy whatever day you want it to be 🙂


Another short walk this morning I managed to find, what I feel are, some more nice photos, your impression may vary.

I couldn’t come up with a theme today because nothing similar jumped out at me. Instead I just took some random photos of things I like.

It was much different this morning as the clouds have rolled in for the Labor Day Weekend. Even with dim lighting I just couldn’t pass up yet another photo of the Coupeville Wharf.


On my way to the wharf I saw an old rusty tricycle I hadn’t noticed before. I love rusty old yard art.


I was trying to figure out what this Seagull was saying to the King Fisher. Perhaps he was telling him where the best fish are.


My neighbor John, just down the street, has all kinds of interesting things in his yard. This old saddle caught my eye. I felt it had an interesting, complementary, background as well.


That wraps up my offerings for this week. Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you in September!