FOGGY MORN – January 14, 2015

Once again it was dark, cold and foggy only today the fog was even thicker than earlier this week. In fact it was so foggy I only got one good shot. I did manage to find a couple of interesting things though.

The first thing I spotted was how my LED headlight reflected off the pine needles as I walked down the street. They were very wet from the fog. There was a light somewhere behind that gave and eerie red-orange glow. I sort of like it.


While Christmas is over and the decorations have come down it looks like some people still can’t let it go. Oh wait, those aren’t Christmas lights they are Seahawks’ colors, yippee, Go Seahawks!


And now for my shot of the day. The Coupeville Wharf was shrouded in fog with barely enough light to get a good photo. Here is what I was able to capture.


I hope you didn’t get too damp on our little walk today although it was pretty misty.


This morning makes my 200th blog. It’s hard to believe how many photos I’ve taken and how many I’ve shared. My poor hard drive is filling up 🙂 But most of all are all the wonderful people I’ve met and who have come and walked with me vicariously each morning. Thanks to each and everyone of you.

While walking is healthy for me and I love taking photos the biggest reward is the people with which I get to share it all. If you have friends that you think would enjoy walking with us and looking at all the neat things we see, please tell them about so they can join us.

I walked a couple of miles this morning but didn’t find much plus it was starting to spit and I really don’t like getting my new camera wet.

I did discover a new species of deer and I shall call him “White Nose/Flat Antlers”. This deer had an unusually white nose and it’s antlers are growing almost flat to his head, very strange.


I also spotted a Seahawks 12th man flag flying in a most unusual place, on top of some power or cable lines.


Now look really close at the shape of the wires and do you notice anything unusual? It’s the Seahawks logo!


How is that for an unusual coincidence?

And a correction from earlier in the week. I posted a photo of what I called “Sharknado” but I was wrong. Here’s a better photo of “Orcaluna” the “Werewhale”! Thanks to Sean from Island Life clothing.


I probably won’t walk and blog tomorrow as we are going to the mainland for a morning appointment. I’ll look for you to come walk with me next Monday. Have a great weekend!


I’m sorry for the long gap between posts but I’ve been busy, so to speak. My five minute radiation treatments in Kirkland require a five hour effort with the driving, ferries, parking and some wait time. The treatments are going well and I have ONLY five weeks to go!

I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken on my trips to the mainland. All of these are from the ferry boat.

Headless Seagulls


A flock of different waterfowl.


Washington State Ferry with the Cascade Mountains in the background.


The Super Bowl Champs 747 flying into Payne Field.


And one from home. It’s been freezing here for the past few days and our fish pond is freezing over. The water pump made an odd shaped ice sculpture that looks like a bed pan. 🙂


And with that I’m off to another appointment. Have a great weekend!


In case you were hiding under a rock yesterday the Seahawks won and are going to the Super Bowl. During my walk this morning I spotted evidence of support for the team so I’ll start with that and then end up with a few of nice photos.

The Coupeville School “Message Rock” definitely supports the team.


Just in case the 49ers were flying over Coupeville we have this to show.


And for those driving by this should get the message across.


OK, now some nice photos around the Coupeville wharf, enjoy.





There, that should start off you holiday week. Happy MLK Day and onward to a beautiful week.