THE BLUEST SKIES – April 26, 2018

Perhaps you remember the song from the 60’s, “The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen Are In Seattle”. Well here on Whidbey Island that song was never truer. I believe the sky was bluer than I’ve ever seen it!

Now here’s what I’m talking about:

Pink flowering tree against the blue sky.

Pink Flowers Blue Sky

Red flowering tree against the blue sky.

Red Tree Blue Sky

And of course the Coupeville waterfront against the blue sky!

Coupeville Waterfront

WOW, what a morning. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, it was really spectacular!

Tomorrow the weather starts changing back to spring but this short summer teaser sure was nice.

DARK WHARF – February 2, 2016

Hi fellow walkers and welcome to my first blog of February 2016. What I need to know is where the heck did January go?

The daylight hours are getting noticeably longer but when the clouds are overhead all bets are off.

Today was one of those days. I left the house a little early and there were lots of clouds but I was hopeful the they’d break up and provide some beautiful morning sun but that didn’t happen. Instead I took a couple of dark photos of the Coupeville Wharf. While they aren’t great I did find them interesting.

This one was taken as I was approaching the wharf. What looks like blue sky is just lighter clouds behind the dark ones.


When I was up on the bluff, west of the wharf, I spotted Mt. Baker peaking through the clouds across Penn Cove with the wharf in the foreground. It’s dark but I like it!


Hopefully we’ll get in lots of walks this month but it’s still winter in the Seattle area and that always means “Rain”! Have a great month ahead.