VISITORS BY BOAT – July 24, 2017

Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week. I’m looking forward to some good walking with all of you and sharing my wee seaside town.

There are a lot of tourist’s here in the summer and most come by ferry or drive over on the one bridge that connects to another island that is then connected to the mainland by another bridge. But for the more adventurous they come by boat and anchor or moor in Penn Cove. They dingy into town and enjoy all we have to offer.

This morning there were quite a number “swinging” in the cove.

Wharf Anchored Boats High Tide

I spotted a nicely groomed rose vine in the shape of a heart on the side of the Admiralty Inn. I always find it amazing that I spot something like this for the first time when I walk or drive by almost every day.

Rose Vine Admirilty Inn

I also found something new in town. There’s a new restaurant where the Mosquito Fleet Restaurant used to be. It’s a downstairs restaurant right over the water. They also have a nice little outside dinning area. I have no idea what kind of food they serve or how good it is but will have to give it a try. Welcome Tee & Nee Cafe.

Tee & Nee Cafe - Wharf

And now for the question of the day for all you farmers and rust heads. What the heck is this?

I spotted this two-seater at Sherman’s Pioneer Farm where they have lots of very old rusting farm equipment. It looks like it attaches to something but I have no idea what it does. Any ideas out there?

Farm Equipment

As always, thanks for walking with me and we’ll do a lot more as the week rolls along.

FOGGY BARNS – February 24, 2015

This morning’s walk took me on a loop out to the Ebey Prairie and back through Coupeville. It was another beautiful morning but there was some tule fog on the prairie that made for a couple of nice photos.

This first one is of the Sherman’s Pioneer Farm barns with a layer of tule fog down low, or is that “On the down low?” 😉


Not far from there I captured this farmhouse with the Olympic Mountains standing tall.


Back in Coupeville I thought I’d share a photo of “town”. The historic center of Coupeville is Front Street which is about two blocks long. This photo is looking up Front Street to the sunrise in the east.


And that wrapped up our walk for today. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring as sprinkles are coming back into the forecast. If I do get out for a walk please come join me, I always enjoy your company 🙂