YET MORE WITCHES – October 11, 2017

This morning I managed to bang out three and a half miles on my walk. There were a bunch of new witches bewitching Coupeville. It’s all part of “The Haunting of Coupeville“.

First stop, Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm with their painted hay rounds.

Sherman Farm Hay Rounds

Most of these witches are self explanatory. I tried to include the business that is sponsoring them.

Penn Cove Taproom Witch

Coupevill Library Witch

Bay Leaf Witch

Coupeville Elementary School

Coupeville Elementary School Witch

Central Whidbey Lions Club

Lions Clubl Witch

And finally my “Phantastic Photo of the Day”. Out on Ebey Prairie the sunrise developed but with lots of clouds above and below. I thought it made for a rather interesting photo.

Cloudy Sunrise

I hope I didn’t wear you out buy walking so far, so fast. Yes “fast”, I averaged 3.5 MPH!

Enjoy your hump day and I’ll do the same.


For the first time since my prostate cancer surgery and radiation treatments a year ago I walked over 3.5 miles and out to the middle of Ebey Prairie. I walked 4.78 miles and it felt pretty good. What made it feel “Real Good” was the spectacular sunrise on the Olympic Mountains.

How many miles would you walk for photos like these?

I hope you enjoy them.




And just for good measure I threw in a Photoshopped “Art Photo” that I took at Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm just for good measure.


Thanks for walking with me today and with any luck we’ll do it again tomorrow!


This mornings photos are brought to you from yesterday’s walk with my sister Diane. We have a full day on our plate and I won’t be walking, at least not around Coupeville so, as I mentioned yesterday, I have more to share.

Out on Ebey Prairie the squash and pumpkins are ready to be harvested. My brother Ron, of Walking Fort Bragg fame, asked a good question, “How do pumpkin’s know to turn orange just in time for Halloween?” Coincidence, I think not.


Of course some still have a long way to go before they become Halloween material. But I really liked this flower.


I really like the way Sherman’s Pioneer Produce advertises the fact that they have pumpkins for sale. They paint these hay-rounds every year and place them in a field leading to their farm.


And finally one more scarecrow we found on Front Street at the Penn Cove Gallery. Who knew scarecrows could be artistic?


With that I wish you a great day ahead and I’ll be back walking and gawking tomorrow. Please join me if you can and invite your friends along as well.


What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was 81 degrees F and clear today it’s cloudy, windy and 58. Once again I pretty much missed what sunrise there was but this is from my front porch.


I got a comment from my friend Rudy that I was giving credit to the wrong person. I should have been recognizing Colleen, his wife, for all the great bicycle yard art as well as the gas pumps I’ve posted in the past. Sorry Colleen! To make it right here’s today’s bike that she has so strategically placed in their front yard.


I quite often take photos of rusty farm equipment at Sherman’s Farm but I’ve called it different names in the past. To properly recognize them here’s the real deal.


While I was there I just couldn’t resist a nice photo of their 1947 GMC 500 dump truck pulling a 1949 Bay City┬ámodel 65 straight-front cable shovel. While I’m sure it’s digging days are over it sure is an impressive piece of yard art!


In the past few days we have had an infestation of moths! Every porch light in town is surrounded by these little guys. They seem to go away as the day goes on but they are back each morning. This was taken in front of Coupeville Coffee and Bistro. Don’t worry they have no effect on the restaurant, they’re all over town.


Here’s what those cute little guys look like up close and personal. This is from in front of our house. Like I said, they’re everywhere.


Some clouds caught my eye this morning. I thought this string of clouds looked rather odd.


Also it looked like a second mountain had popped up behind Mt. Baker this morning.


Thanks for walking with me. Come back tomorrow and we’ll try to find some more interesting things around Coupeville to look at.