Happy Monday all, I hope you are ready for a good week of walking as the weather is supposed to be spectacular all week long. By Thursday it could be in the low 80’s F in Seattle which means around 75 here on the island.

I kind of went crazy this morning in the lovely weather so I hope you don’t get bored with my photos before you get to the end.

At first I noticed some new signs that I liked. These two were on the same house.



This old farm sign is out on the Ebey Prairie.


I’ve always liked this mail box and the morning sun really made it pop.


The remainder of today’s photos are not signs but I liked them a lot and wanted to share them with you.

I love this farm and have taken numerous photos of it. What caught my eye this morning was the crop. I showed you that same crop a couple of weeks ago when it was first coming up. Our wonderful spring weather has really made them jump out of the rich prairie soil here on the island. I also like the Olympic Mountains peaking through the clouds in the background.


This Lilac bush was really showing its colors in the morning light. This is just a tiny portion of the bush, it’s really big!


And finally two photos of this old barn. The first is well lighted which really made it stand out. The second is what I found inside the door to the right.



Thanks for walking with me today and I look forward to having you along for the rest of the week!


Today’s walk got me thinking about the old “Five Man Electric Band” song “Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs” from 1970. I noticed that the signs around Coupeville and Ebey Prairie are a little different than you might see in other towns. So I took pictures of a bunch of them for you to enjoy. Not great photography just an interesting subject, enjoy.

First, Welcome to Coupeville.


I start at the corner of Terry, Ebey and Terry, I hope that’s not confusing if you are looking for someone on Terry Road.


Out on the Ebey Prairie there were several unique signs.



And this political sign. I’m not promoting this individual but what I found interesting was that an “Engle” was running for office. William Engle first set foot on Ebey Prairie in 1852, 161 years later a direct descendant is still here.


On the way back to Coupeville I saw this warning. If there is a tsunami follow this route along the water, huh?


On the trail from Coupeville Town Park I saw this warning. This trail is along a high bluff and use to be a road but worries about the bank sloughing off forced them to turn it into a trail.


Out on the Wharf I saw these warnings for boaters who visit our wee little town.



By some stairs that go down to the beach I noticed this sign.


And as a last gasp of Halloween I offer this:


RIP and have a great weekend!