WHITE CHRISTMAS – December 25, 2017

We would like to wish everyone of you a very Merry Christmas! We were blessed this year with a White Christmas, the first one in ten or twelve years. That is a rare occasion here on the island indeed.

This what we awoke to early this Christams morning.

Christmas Snow

This is our back yard a little later in the morning, after we opened the presents that Santa Clause had brought.

Snowy Back Yard

Have a wonder Christmas, or what every holiday you celebrate and we’ll do the same.

If I don’t get back to you before New Years, have a great year ahead and we’ll catch up soon.

LET IT SNOW – February 28, 2017

Welcome to the last day of February. It’s hard to believe that the month is over already.

Unfortunately I will not be walking on this last day because it’s snowing and snowing hard. That’s just not very conducive to a nice “walk and gawk”.

The good news is that I don’t have to be anywhere and it is lovely!


Just a little update on “The Birds” from yesterday’s blog. My friend Carmen wrote that the house on the left actually feeds the seagulls and that’s why they hang out there. I’m just glad she’s not my neighbor!

Have a grand day and then onward to March and some more good walks.

PEEK-A-BOO – February 8, 2017

Today was much better than yesterday. It was 34 degrees F when I left and 33 when I got home. It was very overcast and threatening more snow. About half way through the four miles we walked it started “dusting”. By the time I got home…



While walking along I played “Peek-A-Boo” with Raccoon. He saw me and ran to the culvert to hide.


Rather than waking on I decided to wait and see what he does. Sure enough he had to come back to the end and take a peek. A really cut little critter hiding that way.


Over the years I’ve shown you some of the yard art around town. Being somewhat of an “art community” there is quite a bit. Here’s a Dachshund I’d never see before. I really like the bright colors.


I also noticed something to get really excited about. Coupeville has a number of beautiful old Victorian’s around town that were mostly built and owned by tall ship captains in the mid to late 1800’s. This is one of my very favorites.

This house was owned by Captain Joseph Clapp, built in 1889. It has been going down hill for quite some time but it is on the list to have some work done made possible by Ebey’s Forever Grant. Today I saw a huge pile of cedar shakes for a new roof! It’s going to look so great once that’s done and no more leaks either. (Note the big hole to the left of the chimney)

I don’t envy the roofer that gets the job but someone’s got to do it.


And that concludes our Hump Day Walk! I hope you enjoyed it and we can do it again real soon.

LET IT SNOW… January 6, 2017

As most of you know I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to walking in anything less than ideal weather. I don’t like walking it the rain because of my camera, I don’t like the wind because of potential “Widow Makers” and I especially don’t like walking in snow!

As a kid growing up in Nebraska I walked twenty miles, up hill, both ways and in twelve foot snow drifts to school so I’ve had my fill of walking in the snow. OK maybe I exaggerated a little but you get the idea.

This morning I woke to “SNOW”! It was 26 degrees F so the roads were icy and the snow is sticking around for a while. Instead of going out for a nice long walk I poked my nose out the door and took a couple of pictures for you enjoyment. I know in the whole scheme of things it’s not a lot of snow but it’s a rather rare event in my wee town of Coupeville.

This is some of our back yard.


The poor plants in these planters really got beaten down and I’m quite sure they will be dead by spring.


This is the view from our front porch. Like I said it’s not a lot of snow but I have to say it sure is pretty.


With any luck, a little warmer temperatures and some rain it will all be gone by tomorrow and we can go walking again, or not. Have a great week ahead and make it a good one!

ONE RED APPLE – January 10, 2017

ONE RED APPLE – January 10, 2017

The radar map this morning was showing possible rain or even snow but I bundled up and weather it. To my surprise the clouds parted and the sun came out. It ended up being a beautiful walk and I hope you enjoy it.

I have been trying to get a photo of this apple tree that’s still loaded with apples. This morning I finally found an angle that worked and to my surprise I spotted “One Red Apple”. It’s not a great photograph but I thought it was kind of cool.


Along the way I spotted a small herd of deer roaming the neighborhood. We have several small herds like this around town.


If you had a big ol’ power meter planted in your front yard how would you disguise it? I’m not sure how successful this effort was but I found it interesting just the same.


And just to prove to you that it was a stellar morning here’s that big pile of snow called Mt. Baker just beyond Penn Cove to the northeast.


Thanks for walking with me I enjoyed your company. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.


This morning it was quite slippery out as we had freezing fog and frost overnight. I had to be careful, especially on the hills. Downhill was the worst but I managed to stay upright for the duration.


Despite a dark slippery start it turned out to be a beautiful morning and I got lots of very nice photos for you all to enjoy.

The weather prognosticators are saying that we are in for a change. Here’s the forecast of the week.


By golly I do believe they might be right. This ominous cloud bank coming from the west caught my attention.


We did have a beautiful sunrise which set this tree ablaze.


Mt. Baker was looking spectacular with all the fresh snow piling up.



And I just can’t seem to get enough great photos of the wharf. This morning’s light was really special.


Now back to work for many of you that are going to work for the first time this year. For all you others, enjoy 🙂


What a surprise, we have snow this morning. Unfortunately I can’t find my snow shoes so no walking.

Actually we only have about 2″ of accumulation and it will be gone by this afternoon. That’s about all the snow we ever get on the island but it’s exciting while it lasts.

So instead of talking pictures from around Coupeville I took some “snaps” from around our home, enjoy.


The front of our home.


Close up of the “Perkin’s Street Penguins”, we live on Perkins Street.


The snow is quite wet and makes for interesting shapes on our patio.


I like the “raised rims” on our barrel garden.


The back garden wall created a “dashed” effect, nice.


This is probably as close as we’ll get to a real snowman this year.

Have a great weekend ahead and my you have a White Christmas!