This morning’s walk was neither rewarding or enjoyable. It was a beautiful morning but only 30 degrees F and the windchill was 26. I bundled up, headed out the door and then realized that the road was frozen and very slippery. It was like walking on a 3.4 mile long ice rink that had hills!

All my concentration went into walking and not falling down instead of enjoying the scenery and taking beautiful photos. Fortunately all that concentration paid off and I never went down.

I did spot one snowman along the way but I’m afraid he’d already lost his head.


One significant observation I had was that the ADA ramps are a huge hazard. I realize they are great for wheelchairs or for people who can’t go up and down stairs but it’s a whole different story when things are frozen. The gentle slope on this ramp was impassable without slipping and that yellow traction pad was the slickest thing I encountered on the whole walk.


Another thing that was more of an experience than an observation was walking on roads with tiny shoulders. If I walked out in the road where cars had been driving I could get some pretty good traction but when a car was coming I had to get out of the road and onto the shoulder. That little traverse was pretty tricky without falling down. I could just imagine if I slipped with an oncoming car, oh the horror!

Front Street was no exception. You can see the ice on the road as well as the sidewalks.


I was very happy to be home safe and sound. I think the next time I run into slippery streets I’ll pass. I hope you didn’t slip and slide on our walk this morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


What a surprise, we have snow this morning. Unfortunately I can’t find my snow shoes so no walking.

Actually we only have about 2″ of accumulation and it will be gone by this afternoon. That’s about all the snow we ever get on the island but it’s exciting while it lasts.

So instead of talking pictures from around Coupeville I took some “snaps” from around our home, enjoy.


The front of our home.


Close up of the “Perkin’s Street Penguins”, we live on Perkins Street.


The snow is quite wet and makes for interesting shapes on our patio.


I like the “raised rims” on our barrel garden.


The back garden wall created a “dashed” effect, nice.


This is probably as close as we’ll get to a real snowman this year.

Have a great weekend ahead and my you have a White Christmas!


We are heading into some colder weather but there’s not a cloud in the sky. Here on the island anything below freezing is cold but I know many people elsewhere get really cold, sorry.

This morning’s walk didn’t have enough sunlight to really take good photos. I left the house at 7:15am as the sun was lighting up the sky. When I got home an hour later there still was no sun shining at our house. Still I was able to get a few nice pictures.

This was just a little bit before the sun peaked over the Cascade Mountains onto the Ebey Prairie.


Out on the wharf I just couldn’t resist taking another picture of Mt. Baker. The snow is starting to pile up. Mt. BakerĀ (elevation: 10,775 feet / 3,285 meters) set the record for the most snow on earth in one year during the 1998 – 1999 season. The Mount Baker Ski Area reported 1,140 inches (95 feet) / 2,896 cm (29 meters) of snowfall. The mountain also beat its own record for most snowfall in a month with 304 inches / 772 cm.


Also on the wharf, the kayak’s have been put to bed until next spring.


If you remember, Coupeville had “Scarecrows” scattered all around town in October. Now that winter is coming the town puts up “Snowmen” and “Snow women” on almost every sign post and telephone poll in town. I spotted the first one this year in front of the Penn Cove Gallery.


Let the fun begin!