A SIGN OF HOPE – February 21, 2017

After a drippy morning yesterday, that kept me inside, I was able to get out this morning and enjoy a nice 3.5 mile walk. It was overcast but no rain.

The first thing I noticed was the face in the tree, the same one I showed you last Friday. I found a better angle and I think it’s easier to see it in this photo.


I made a point of going by the Clapp house to see how progress on the roofing was coming along. One side is done and the other side is moving right along. I’d expect they will be done soon, maybe tomorrow.


And finally a “Sign of Hope” that spring isn’t too far away. These tiny flowers must know something that’s not apparent to me especially when¬†the weather prognosticator is predicting snow this coming Friday!


That’s a wrap for this Tuesday. Thanks for walking with me and we may do it again tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.


Welcome to March! It is coming in like a lamb which is just fine with me. So get your shoes on and lets get going.

I just love when the signs of spring start to appear. This morning didn’t disappoint as I found a flowering tree and a flowering bush.



This row of houses along the Ebey Prairie ridge were really popping in the morning sun with the dark menacing clouds behind. I did like the trace of pink reflecting the sunrise off the clouds.


I tried a little different angle for a photograph of the Coupeville Wharf. I’m not completely pleased with it but I think it’s a good starting point. I’ll work on some better ones.


And that starts a new week and a new month. I hope it’s all good for you!


While it’s still kind of chilly, cloudy and rainy there are definite signs of spring. This group of flowers in the Captain Thomas A. Coupe Park garden, that’s maintained by the Coupeville Garden Club, caught my eye.


I saw several interesting things around Coupeville during my walk. No particular theme here just random photos that I like.

I’d never seen these old vehicles before, one “sweet”, one “work in progress”.


Out on the Ebey Prairie I noticed an unusual rainbow, if you can call it that. It was basically a “blob” of color over Port Townsend. The phenomena probably has a name, anyone know what it’s called?


I call this one “Beached”. I do believe this boat has seen it last days on the seas.


On the north side of the island I spotted this sea monster. I think it needs further study to know exactly what species it might be.


And finally, I love this small town. Many places you go you will see big ugly signs that say “Keep Out” or “No Trespassing” but here in Coupeville we take a kinder and gentler approach.


Thanks for walking with me and enjoy your day, the weekend is just around the corner.