FLOWERS AND BIRDS – May 18, 2015

Sorry for the long delay but I’ve been really busy and just haven’t had the time to post a blog. I know, I’m retired and should have all kinds of time but that doesn’t seem to be the case I still get busy!

I only walked a couple of miles this morning but it was daylight and it got a few nice photos. It seems as though ‘flowers’ caught my eye first and then a couple of birds.

We’ll start with my neighbors front yard. These “Red Hot Pokers” line the entire length of her fence.


A little further down the road I spotted this very inviting gate and home.


Down on Front Street near the Coupeville Wharf this flower basket full of Geraniums caught my eye. They were hanging on the front of Collections Boutique.


I saw the Schooner Suva tied to the dock with a great sky in the distance.


On the wharf I spotted our resident Great Blue Heron sitting on it’s favorite post.


On the way home I captured this photo of an injured Ringneck Dove. I know it’s injured because yesterday it was sitting on our front porch bench and then jumped down to the deck. We were worried about all the cats that live on our block so Marilyn picked it up and put it in a safe place. This morning it was a block away sitting on a low branch of a tree, still not very safe.


So that was our walk for today. I hope you keep walking even on the days I miss, it’s really good for you. Enjoy your week.

SUVA – May 4, 2015

Nothing like a perfectly sunny morning to start the week. I walked three miles and really only saw one good photo opportunity that Al-The-Walker pointed out to me.

I hadn’t seen Al in a few weeks as I’ve been getting out earlier and earlier to try and catch the sunrise. Al always leaves home at the same time.

The sunrise is now so early that unless I get up at 4:00 AM and out the door by 5:00 I won’t get any sunrise shots. So this morning I gave up, slept in a little and still had a nice walk.

The Schooner Suva is now permanently anchored in Penn Cove near the Coupeville Wharf. A campaign has been going on for a while to purchase the old yacht and keep it in Coupeville for tourists to visit and go sailing. It will be a great addition as the 1925 vessel fits right into the history of our wee town.

You can read all about the 68 foot yacht HERE and the effort to bring her to Coupeville HERE.


While we’re on the subject of boats, I spotted this “flotilla” near the Mukilteo ferry landing this weekend on my way to the mainland. I believe they were fishing for shrimp since the season opened this weekend. I’m glad I was on a ferry.

05-04-15 fishing

Thanks for walking with me and enjoy the week ahead!