MY SURPRISE – July 14, 2017

A week or so ago I told you that I have something special to share with your. Well today is the day for that reveal.

My walks have been sketchy for the past 21 months but for good reason. Over that year and nine months I’ve designed and built, from scratch, a beautiful teardrop camper! It’s 10′ long 5′ wide and 5′ tall. It weighs 1,220 pounds, has a queen size bed, galley area, lots of storage and a tool box that houses all the electronics. It can run on 110V, battery power or solar power.

The rear bumper is a 1934 Ford rear bumper and the tail lights are 1932 Ford.

And here it is!

Me and My Teardrop

Right 3-4 Front

Right 3-4 Rear

Here’s the interior. It’s a 360 degree photo so you have use your mouse to have a look around or if you’re on a smart phone just move your phone around.

The back hatch lifts up to expose the galley. All we have is a work surface and storage for everything needed for cooking plus the refrigerator. We don’t want to cook in there because of the smells and oils permeating the cabin. We’ll cook on a side table I still have to install or a picnic table. We also carry a portable aluminum table.

Galley 1

Galley 2

On the tongue there is a tool box that houses all the electronics plus storage for tools.

Tool Box Closed

Tool Box Open

We still need to paint it but it’s ready for camping now!

So there ya go, my excuse for not walking and I’m sticking with it 🙂 Now I just need to finish restoring my 1960, Series 1, Sunbeam Alpine sports car. But I’ll still try to walk and blog as much as I can. Happy Camping 🙂