A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE… February 13, 2017

It was a little on the chilly side again this morning but I just bundled up and went for it. I turned around part way up the street that goes past my house and liked what I saw. I decided I’d share my neighborhood with you this morning.

The closest house on the left, with the portable garage, is our home. Inside the portable garage is the teardrop camper trailer I’m building although not a lot is going on these days because there’s just no way to heat it. The good news is warmer weather is on the way in the not too distant future.

It’s obviously trash and recycle pickup day and you can see Penn Cove in the background.


I must have several hundred photos of the Coupeville Wharf but I never get tired of it and I hope you don’t either. This morning I liked the lighting, reflection and Mt. Baker in the background. It also looks cold which is so true.


I hope that gets your week started and you’ll come back and walk with me again real soon. Enjoy your week ahead!

SUNRISE WEST- February 10, 2017

I keep hoping for some really nice, warm, dry, wind free kind of days but for now it’s still winter in Washington State. Yesterday I did walk but all by myself. It was threatening rain so I walked the north/south streets that are quite steep. I walked fast to put on some miles so not much looking around or photos. At about two miles it started to sprinkle so I beat feet for home and just as I got in the door it started to really rain.

So that brings us to today. It’s was fairly clear with big puffy clouds. Unfortunately the wind was howling!!! I saw a 38 MPH gust when I got home. Needless to say that’s not great for walking. I even got blown back a couple of times. But despite that I managed to take a few photos.

While sunrises to the east are quite spectacular if you look west they can be just as spectacular with the rising sun shining on the clouds. This is the Coupeville Wharf as seen from the end of the street I live on.


A little further down the road the sky was still looking good and I love split rail, cedar, fences. It makes for a good contrast.


I spotted a beer truck stocking up Toby’s Tavern. I stopped and asked the driver if he could stop by my house and deliver some brew but I guess not 😦


It’s Friday and that means the weekend is upon us. I hope you have a great one and thanks for walking with me this week.

SAVE THE WHARF – February 1, 2017

Welcome to February 2017 and the first walk of the month, I hope you enjoy it. There was not a cloud in the sky but a chilly 29 degrees F.

Mount Baker was standing tall in the morning light with a large accumulation of winters snow.


I titled this blog “Save the Wharf” because it’s having some problems but it’s not alone. Coupeville, being a historic town, has many old buildings that are well over a hundred years old. Add to that we’re a seaside village that suffers the effects of salt water and high tides. It’s a constant battle to keep our historic buildings in good condition.

A great example of that is Cottage on the Cove, a wonderful place to say when visiting Coupeville, or at least it was. I’ve had a number of friends and relatives stay there and they’ve always loved it.

It was built in 1904 and sits on the bank just above Penn Cove. The banks have been slowly eroding away and causing lots of problems.

Here’s “Cottage on the Cove”.


This is the sign beside the door telling the history of the building.


They have gone to extraordinary efforts to keep it from falling down the cliff. This big steel cable goes from these large concrete blocks completely around the building and ties into concrete blocks on the other side. Hopefully that will keep it safe until it can be fixed.


The most iconic landmark in Coupeville is the wharf. The wharf is 110 years old and one of the largest wharf’s of its kind in Washington State and the country. Unfortunately it’s starting to have some problems that need immediate attention.

To help save the wharf the town has started a fund raising drive to get enough money to fix it. This is the sign that tells about the repairs.


There is a collection box where you start walking out to the building. If you live here or if you are visiting here please swing by and drop a few bucks into the box. Here’s the full story off the wharf’s history and the fund drive. There is a place on the web page where you can donate. Please help us save our wharf!


Thanks for the company on my walk, I really appreciate you joining in. If you have any friends that might like to walk around Coupeville and Ebey Prairie please share my blog with them and encourage them to subscribe. Thanks!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR – January 2, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR – January 2, 2017

Happy New Year to all my friends. After a rather long hiatus I’m back! I guess I should also wish you a happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

I spent the summer designing and building, from scratch, a 5′ X 10′ teardrop camping trailer. It’s about 95% complete but the cold weather has stifled my activities on it. I’ll finish it up and post pictures in early spring. For right now this is a sneak peak from inside the portable garage.


In the meantime I thought I’d start the year out right with a little walk around my wee village of Coupeville. It was cold and still fairly dark when I walked so the photos aren’t great but they should give you and idea of how things are looking around town.

First of all the dock to the wharf, as well as a lot of the town, is still lit up with Christmas lights.


There were two sailboats docked at the wharf with Mt. Baker in the background at first light. This was taken around 8:30am.


The little town park is still decorated from Christmas and I thought the kids playing in the Christmas lights was nice. Normally they are basking in the summer sun with the boy dumping water on his head from the bucket. The Admiralty Inn is in the background.


It’s hard to get good photos in poor light without a tripod but I hope you enjoyed our walk just the same. I’ll try to do a lot better this year and spend more time with you. Have a great year ahead!

GOOD NEWS – May 9, 2016

Well that was a long dry spell, sorry about that! I’ve been well and very busy working on my teardrop trailer. Progress is slow but hopefully I’ll have some pictures of it one of these days.

One of the things I just hate to see is our historic buildings deteriorating. The Captain Joseph Clapp house, built in 1886, has been heading downhill for a few years now. During my walk this morning I was happily surprised to see an “Ebey’s Forever Grant” sign in the front yard. The sign reads: “Preserving the Reserve’s Heritage Buildings Through Community Investment”.

Clapp House 3

That means that some funds have been made available to help repair some of the problems that the house is having, like the big hole in the roof. Another wonderful old Victorian saved, woot!

Clapp House 2

Speaking of improving the community, the 1866 Robertson’s Store building redo is coming along nicely. They have the framework for the new deck done and it looks really solid. I can’t wait to see what it will all look like when complete.


I spotted my old friend “Frank”, the Great Blue Heron, sitting on it’s favorite post in front of the Coupeville Wharf. This gives you a good idea of what our weather will be like for the week ahead, nice!


I shoot most of my photos in “landscape” mode but every once in a while it requires “portrait” mode. My neighbor John gave me cause for just such a photo. He’s a retired art teacher and is always putting up creative things around his place. This birdhouse is the newest addition. They should be well protected from any land predators at that elevation.


And with that we’ll start a new week. I hope you all haven’t left me and enjoyed our walk today. I’ll try to do better in the future, I promise!

HAPPY LEAP DAY – February 29, 2016

Not many of my blogs start with “Happy Leap Day” but I just had to say it.

After three weeks of resting on my laurels, trying to get my sore back to settle down, I decided it was time to go out and give it a try. Turns out I had a nice little walk with very little pain, I do believe I’m on the mend. It was good to see some old walking friends and reconnect.

Thanks to everyone for you concerns and kind words, I do believe they all helped.

This morning I was not to be detoured by the threat of rain. It was very dark and cloudy when I left the house so just in case I put on my rain coat and I’m glad I did. That seemed to scare away any possibility of rain and it ended up being a dark dry walk.

The sunrise started to look like it might turn into something grand but sort of fizzled. This was as good as it got.


Out on the wharf I noticed these signs on the Harbor Master office. Who knew we had a problem with people climbing on the roof. Or maybe it was for the seagulls as I didn’t see any sitting up there this morning 😉


And finally, at the scene of the crime where I fell, they are making progress on the remodel of the 1866 Robertson’s Store building. The forms are laid for the seawall and deck foundation. It’s starting to get exciting now.


So onward to March and eventually Spring! Have a great week ahead and thanks for the support and walking with me.

DARK WHARF – February 2, 2016

Hi fellow walkers and welcome to my first blog of February 2016. What I need to know is where the heck did January go?

The daylight hours are getting noticeably longer but when the clouds are overhead all bets are off.

Today was one of those days. I left the house a little early and there were lots of clouds but I was hopeful the they’d break up and provide some beautiful morning sun but that didn’t happen. Instead I took a couple of dark photos of the Coupeville Wharf. While they aren’t great I did find them interesting.

This one was taken as I was approaching the wharf. What looks like blue sky is just lighter clouds behind the dark ones.


When I was up on the bluff, west of the wharf, I spotted Mt. Baker peaking through the clouds across Penn Cove with the wharf in the foreground. It’s dark but I like it!


Hopefully we’ll get in lots of walks this month but it’s still winter in the Seattle area and that always means “Rain”! Have a great month ahead.

Happy New Years Eve – December 31, 2015

Before we get our shoes on and head for the door I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who follows my blog for walking with me this year. We’ve had some good times and got to see some pretty cool stuff around my wee town of Coupeville, Whidbey Island, Washington, U.S.A.!

Lord willing we’ll be able to continue this adventure into the new year. I hope you’ll join me and tell your friends about all the fun you’re having. I really do like to share my walks.

Thank you also for the comments many of you have made. I really appreciate them and always reply. If you don’t generally comment, please don’t be shy. It just two friends having a little chat.

So bundle up, it’s 26 degrees F. out this morning. It’s easy to take photos of rain or snow or fog but how do you capture “cold”? Here’s my shot at it, get it? 🙂

The obligatory photo of the Coupeville Wharf with a very snowy Mt. Baker in the background.


Because of a high pressure system we have some inversion going on trapping some of the smoke and stuff in the lower atmosphere. Here’s a closer photo of Mt. Baker looking over Coupeville, Penn Cove and Saratoga Passage.


And this is probably the “coldest” photo I could find. The dock going out to the wharf was completely covered with frost. It was very slippery under my feet and cold!


So with that I’ll wrap up 2015 and call it a good year. I hope you had a good year as well and onward to 2016, make it a good one!

TIS THE SEASON – December 15, 2015

Well look who’s still here!

I’ve been very busy working on my teardrop trailer and have not been walking. While I’m on my feet a lot each day it’s just not the same so I’m going to try and get in a little more walking and blogging.

I know it’s been too long and I’ve been getting “mail”, if you know what I mean, so here’s a little taste of today’s walk.

My wee town of Coupeville is all done up for Christmas. The business along historic Front Street are all lit up and full of goodies just waiting to go under Christmas trees.


As you can see it was kind of a dark threatening sky but I managed to stay dry. We have been getting hit with storm after storm for the past few weeks.

The Coupeville Wharf is decorated as well with a snow family guarding the building.


I’ve been noticing my neighbors old International Harvester truck and it always makes me think of the movie “Cars” and the tow truck “Mater”.

What do you think?


mater2With that I’ll let you get back to your busy day, I hope it’s a great one! Thanks for walking with me.


COUPEVILLE SUNRISE – October 16, 2015

Oh boy I get to wrap up the week with another wonderful sunrise over Coupeville. This one was really interesting as the colors kept changing from flaming orange to pastel pink and blue.

This shot is looking east up Front Street, the old “main drag” of the town.


My friend “Frank the Heron” was standing tall in this silhouette.


A little further out on the wharf I caught Frank against the pastel beauty of Mt. Baker.


And speaking of Mt. Baker, here’s the sloop “Suva” docked at the wharf, again with Mt. Baker in the background.


What a wonderful way to end the week. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and that you can join me again next week for some more walks around Coupeville and the surrounding area.