The weather gave me a break and I finally got off my derriere and went for a nice four and a half mile walk. I headed out to the Ebey Prairie to check things out. Along the way I spotted a herd of deer.  It’s pretty unusual to see six deer in one spot, but here ya go.

Deer Herd of Six

Then it was on to my final destination and why the sadness on the prairie. One of the most photographed farms on the prairie is the Willowood Farm built in the 1800’s. Here’s one I took a few months back.

Smith Farm Before

Unfortunately it no longer looks like that. Monday night, March 6th, the Smith barn caught fire and burnt to the ground. Here’s a photo from the South Whidbey Record newspaper taken by Whidbey Island Custom Photography.

Smith Barn Fire

Here’s the story in the South Whidbey Record. Not only was the barn a total loss but a lot of their farm equipment was destroyed as well.

The Smith’s have always been a very generous family often letting local groups use their barn for fundraisers. Now they need help! There is a “Go Fund Me” page that has been created for them. If you’d like to help please go to “” and give what you can, thank you.

And here’s the farm today. It’s kind of ironic that the mountains are gone as well as the barn, sort of sobering look. Hopefully with the generosity of many people they’ll have a new barn in the near future although it won’t be the historic one that burnt.

Smith Farm Burnt Barn

Just a comment about this photo, that is not smoke where the barn was, it’s a fog bank across Admiralty Inlet by Port Townsend.

Thanks for walking with me today and with any luck the weather prognosticator will be nicer to us next week. Have a great weekend!

Ebey Reserve Walk – January 23, 2017

Today’s walk took us across Ebey Reserve all the way down to Ebey’s Landing, a six mile round trip. It was a beautiful morning with more to see than I can report here. But, as always, I’ll share a few of the better photos.

First stop was to check out a new “Little Free Library” that just went up here in Coupeville. I really like the design of this particular one. I don’t know how many there are around here but there’s a bunch. I think my wee island town likes to read.


I got to the prairie during the “Golden Hour” and it didn’t disappoint. This is Willowood Farm about half way across the prairie basking in the morning sun. They grow wonderful vegetables that will be available at our Saturday Market this summer.


I was not the only one out enjoying the morning. There were lots of birds chirping and flying about. I liked these two robins caught silhouetted against the blue sky sitting on white branches.


And finally the big reward for this mornings efforts. Driftwood is like clouds in that you can see different images in each one and each person sees them differently. This big piece of drift wood is on Ebey Landing beach with the big cliff on the south south side of Ebey Reserve in the background. Tell me what that log looks like to you!


I hope I didn’t wear you out this morning and you’ll come back for another nice walk tomorrow.


I usually don’t post a blog on Saturday’s but I’m making an exception today. I though you might enjoy walking around the Coupeville Saturday Market with me. It runs every Saturday during mid spring to mid fall from 10:00 to 2:00. If you are ever in town on a Saturday and want something fun to do come to the “Market”.

Here’s an overview of the field.


There are all sorts of things to look at and buy along with some entertainment. These guys were singing Sea Shanties for everyone to enjoy.


On any given Saturday you’ll find vegetables, fruit, soap, woodworking, crafts, flowers and plants, purses, food and much more. I’ve downsized the following photos to save some band width but if you click on them they’ll open up to full size.

       04-12-14-market13 04-12-14-market12 04-12-14-market11 04-12-14-market9 04-12-14-market8 04-12-14-market7 04-12-14-market5 04-12-14-market4

I like this young woman who pulls this large trailer full of salmon and other fish products behind her bike. It takes her about two hours just to get to the market.


Willowood Farm pulls this trailer full of wonderful vegetables with this really old Ford tractor.


Just to tide you over it’s always fun to get a bag of freshly popped Kettlecorn with some caramel mixed in, yum!


I hope you enjoyed walking around our little market with me. Come out sometime and lets do it for real 🙂